What our customers are saying

I Trust them a lot and I have had no issues in my close to 8 months of using their services.Drop off Wednesday, by next week Wednesday my shipment is ready for pickup.Ship ocean with other companies it will take 5-6 months.I have not had my shipment stay for more than 2 months by ocean with Shiptonaija

I choose shiptonaija because of professionalism and the delivery method. They are very very reliable and whenever a shipping company promises you about delivery, you are actually expecting them to deliver but this company under-promise but over-delivers. So, I will really really strongly recommend them to anyone.

I use shiptonaija because their shipping rates are very affordable, they’re convenient and they save you a lot of hassle. Everyone is trying to save money and you want your goods and products to get there on time. I have used Shiptonaija like 3 times and they are dependable, I like them.

I use Shiptonaija because it is safe and you can track your shipment and you don’t have to worry about your items not getting there, it’s always a problem when sending items to Nigeria like the problem of tracking. Shiptonaija removes that fear that is the reason why I always use them.