Ocean Shipping from USA to Nigeria

Have you experienced any of the following when it comes to ocean shipping from USA to Nigeria?

  • Missing or stolen items 
  • Delays in your shipment
  • High demurrage charges
  • High shipping rates with your current shipper  

We offer affordable and fast ocean shipping from USA to Nigeria, with no delays in shipment, no missing or stolen items. Our Ocean shipping is best suited for you. We have shipped lots of heavy equipment and personal items such as cars, power bikes, TV’s & other electronics. Our shipping container from USA to Nigeria leaves once items are loaded and gets to Nigeria within 8 – 12 weeks (Ocean Priority Service) or 12 – 14 weeks (Standard Ocean shipping service). With us your items are fully insured and you are guaranteed a full refund within 48 hours for the declared value of your items as well as shipping cost if anything should happen to them.

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Our Ocean Shipping Schedule & Transit Time

We offer two options for ocean shipping depending on how soon you want your items to get to Nigeria:

1. Ocean Priority: This is for customers who want faster ocean shipping service, as items under priority ocean shipping are first to leave for Nigeria during our weekly ocean shipping. 

Estimated Delivery Time: 8 – 12 weeks

2. Ocean Standard: This is our normal ocean shipping service 

Estimated Delivery Time:  12 – 14 weeks

Click to learn more on ocean shipping from Houston to Nigeria.

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How to Book Our Ocean Shipping Service

Step 1

Sign up with us today to get a free mailing address, where you can mail items you need to be shipped to Nigeria via ocean. You can do this from any location in USA. Click to sign up for free.

Step 2

Drop off your items to be shipped to Nigeria, through any of the following means:

  • You can drop off in our Houston (9805 Bissonnet Street, Suite N (Beside Farmers Market & Directly behind Finger Licking Restaurant) - Texas, 77036.) or Atlanta office (3770 Zip Industrial Blvd, Suite D, Atlanta Georgia, 30354, US).
  • You can request for a pick-up service and we will send a driver to your doorstep. To schedule for a pick-up, send an email with subject line Ocean Shipping Pick-Up Service to reachus@shiptonaija.com
  • You can also mail your items to us using any reputable courier service

Step 3

Pay for your items to be shipped via ocean, either with our Priority Ocean Shipping or our Standard Ocean Shipping.

Step 4

We ship your items to Nigeria after we receive payment, and your items get to Nigeria in 8 – 12 weeks (Ocean Priority Service) or 12 – 14 weeks (Standard Ocean shipping service). We also commence Customs clearance immediately your shipments gets to Nigeria and this only takes 7 – 10 days.

Step 5

We deliver your items to your doorsteps wherever you are in Nigeria, you can also come pick up your items in our Lagos office.


Here Are Other Benefits Using Our Ocean Freight from USA to Nigeria

You Save 50% to 75% on Shipping Cost

With us you save up to 75% on your shipping cost, compared to using the major shippers around. We have very affordable rates and you stand a chance to enjoy 10% off our weekly ocean shipping.


Pick-Up Service Now Available

You can request for a pick-up service anywhere you are in the US for as low as $12, and we will be there to help pick up your items to be shipped to Nigeria. To request a pick-up service send am an email reachus@shiptonaija.com, with subject line "Ocean Pick-Up Service".


Nationwide Delivery in Nigeria

No one covers Nigeria like we do, with pick up stations scattered all over Nigeria, we get your items delivered even to the remote parts of Nigeria.

Our Promise to You

In order for you (our customers) to have peace of mind anytime you use any of our shipping service, we promise you the following:

  • 24/7 update on shipment status via email and SMS all backed with 16 hours of live support daily.
  • 10% refund of your shipping cost if we not deliver within our stated time frame via air or Ocean.
  • We now refund you your declared shipment value and shipping cost in 48 hours if anything happens to your items.

Free 14 Days Warehouse Storage

We offer our customers free 14 days warehouse storage, in order for them to store their items until they are ready for it to be shipped out using our ocean freight from USA to Nigeria. Our warehouse facility located in Houston is also open to customers who wish to use them for business reason, as we offer very affordable storage rates.



Well Packaged Items

We repackage all items that come into our warehouse either for air or ocean shipping. We follow strict international packaging guidelines to ensure your items are protected from any damage while en- route to Nigeria. We either shrink wrap your items or crate them where necessary to ensure they are safe and they reach their destination in one piece.

Here Are Other Reasons Why You Should Choose Us for Your Shipping Needs 

Customer Ratings & Testimonials

We are highly rated and recommended by our esteemed customers, with a Facebook customer rating of 4.9 stars, as well as Google customer ratings of 4.6 stars. This shows that customers are fully satisfied with the quality of services we render. Here are some customer testimonials:

A dedicated Customer Service Representative 

Responsive Customer Service

We have a Team of dedicated Customer Service Personnel who are always happy and available to be of help to you. You can chat with our Customer Service Personnel through Facebook chat, Live chat on our website, Twitter as well as on Instagram.


Staff in our Lagos warehouse

Team of Dedicated Staff

We have a team of well-trained staff both in the US and Nigeria that are fully dedicated to ensure you experience peace of mind every time you send or receive items to and from Nigeria.

Our Team of dedicated staffs in our Lagos office

Our Team of dedicated staffs in our US warehouse/office




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